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    CAS No. CAS NO Implementation of standards
    1 67914-86-7

    C14H15Cl2N3O5S    408.26

    For itraconazole

    2 106461-41-0

    C22H27N5O2    393.48

    For itraconazole

    3 163837-57-8

    C13H12ClN   217.70

    For levocetirizine

    4 130018-88-1

    C17H19ClN2  286.81

    For levocetirizine

    5 1092507-02-2

    C13H14O3  218.25

    For Ramelteon

    (R & D)

    6 168858-81-7

    C18H19FN2O3   330.36

    Linezolid intermediate

    7 183905-31-9

    C7H12ClNO3  193.63

    C7H12ClNO3  193.63

    7 Records
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