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    CAS No. CAS NO Implementation of standards
    1 29490-19-5

    C3H4N2S2  132.21

    thiadiazole pharmaceutical intermediate

    2 18686-82-3

    C2H2N2S2   118.18

    ceftezole thiazole

    heterocyclic compound

    3 1072-71-5

    C2H2N2S3  150.24

    Pharmaceutical intermediates; metallic passivator; antioxidant

    4 2349-67-9

    C2H3N3S2  133.19

    a thiadiazole derivative with antibacterial acitivity used in the preparation of herbicides as well as carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

    5 32873-56-6

    C4H5N3OS2   175.23

    Acetazolamide intermediate

    6 25660-71-3

    C9H9N3S2   223.32

    (R & D)

    7 72676-55-2

    C4H2N4S6   298.47

    chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)rubber vulcanizing agent; rubber crosslinkimg agent;metallic surface additive;cured CPE

    (R & D)

    8 51988-14-8

    C9H6N2OS3    254.35

    CPE rubber vulcanizing agent;cured for CPE;

    efficient environmental protection Vulcanizing Agent;Cost-Effective;High-Performance Vulcanizing Agent for CPE.

    9 593-56-6

    CH5NO•HCl   83.52



    10 3332-29-4

    C2H7NO•HCl  97.54


    11 6638-79-5

    C2H7NO•HCl  97.54


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